Evaluation of the Compton (Incoherent) and Rayleigh (Coherent) Differential Cross sections of Scattering for Iron 26Fe and Zink 30Zn by employing CSC model.


There has been more interest in obtaining reliable values of cross section for elements and compounds as well as alloys because its required in varity of applications in radiography, tomography ,space physics ,plasma physics etc.A review of literature show that the studies concern Geswar measured the total cross section for various elements in energy range of 4.5 to 20 keV. Theoretical photoelectric cross section for Z=13 are calculated by Brysk and Zerby in energy range 1 to 150 keV , they employed bound-state wave function that’s obtained by Lieberman and Cromer. Hubbell and Berger reported pair production cross sections in the fields of atomic nucleus for 11 elements over range 15 to 100 MeV these values were calculated by using Bon approximation with Bethe –Hitler high energy approximation. In present research, we use the mathematical model Cross Section Calculation (CSC) which has more applications.