Antibodies to Epstein – Barr – virus(kissing Disease) in Thalassemic Patients


Summary Background :To detect and study prevalence of Epstein Barr – virus in human serum of thalassemic patients in Mosul –Iraq.Patients and Methods The presence of IgM – antibodies has been examined in a group of 104 (63 males and 41 females) consecutive thalassemic patient who received blood transfusion in Mosul . Results Overall 18.3% were found to be anti – EBV positive and 81.7% were negative and Only 6.0 (20.7%) from those positive were also have anti lgM for Cytomegalovirus CMV. Conclusion (s): Epstein – Barr –virus infection was diagnosed by serological screening in 19(18.3%) thalasemic patients in Mosul using ELISA.