Divalent Copper Complexes with N¬2S2 Dono Atom Ligands Derived from Heterocyclic Thiadiazole Diesters


The new thiodiazole heterocyclic ligands have been synthesized from the condensation reaction of terephthaloyl chloride, sebacoyl chloride,and adipoylchloride. with two equivalent of p-hydroxybenzaldehde to form the dialdehyde diesters compounds form. The resulted compound was reacted with an amine ( prepared by adding the thiosemicarbazide to p-hydroxybenzaldehyde and treated with HCl to adjusted the solution to acidic media) the thiodiazole diesters was obtained, thiodiazole compounds as N2S2 donor atoms. The prepared compounds was characterized by FTIR and UV-Vis spectroscopy, the magnetic susceptibility of copper(II) complexes was measured as well as the melting points. The suggests geometry of complexes are square planar.