Allium sativum L. تأثير حامض الهيومك والمحلول المغذي بروسول في نمو وحاصل الثوم ومحتواه من الأحماض الدهنية


A field experiment was conducted during growing season (2008 –2009) at Univ. of Tikrit -College of Agriculture. Horticulture and LandscapeExperimental Station. to study the response of Allium sativum L. for humic acidtreatments and spraying by nutrient solution Prosol at four concentration (0 ,0.5, 1 , 2 ) g/L . The experiment was in split plot design in RCBD with threereplications , The humic treatment considered as the main plot. The resultsshowed that humic treatment gave significant increases in most characteristicsstudied, and gave production of 3.38 ton / donum . Spray treatment with 2 gm/L concentration gave production of 3.34 ton/ donum . Treatment interactionbetween humic treatment and spraying with Prosol 2 g/L concentration gave thehighest content from Fatty acid ( 20.75 , 78.63 , 322.61 , 662.70 , 23.63 ,677.59) microgram/ gm for (Myristic acid , Stearic acid , Palmatic acid ,Linolenic acid , Oleic acid and Linoleic acid) respectively .