StudyTheEffect of Speed, Impinging Angle and Slurry Concentration on Erosion of Stainless Steel -316L


AbstractThe main aim of the present research work is focused on the influence of key parameters, such as; impinging angle, rotational speed, and concentration of sand in water on the behaviour and characterization of erosion process of stainless steel-type 316L. In the current study, special erosion testing machine has been designed and constructed locally conforming to standard specifications. It was observed that, at a given impinging angle, concentration, and rotational speed, the variation of volume loss withaccumulative distance is generally linear and the erosion rate has been determined from the least square fit of the variation of erosion volume loss with accumulative distance. It was found that increasing the impinging angle increases initially the extent of erosion rate and reach maximum rate at angle of 60o. However, at higher impinging angle, there is a significant decrease in the erosion rate. The erosion rate increases considerably with increasing rotational speed from 550 r.p.m. to 1520 r.p.m.. It was also observed that increasing the concentration of sand particles to about 30 wt.%, increases the erosion rate. In all cases, the erosion rate is near a double after inserting the flow baffles compared to those cases without baffles, and has been attributed to increase of particles rotation and vortices in the flow.Keywords: erosion; impinging; concentration; vortices.