Simulation of the Inclined Impinging Cooling in a Channel with Cross Flow


Abstract: In this work, a numerical investigation has been conducted to analyze the turbulent flow and heat transfer of the inclined impinging jets in a channel with cross flow. The impinging jets were inclined towards the upstream side and the angle of inclination was changed from to . For this flow configuration, two cases were considered for the channel, one free ribs and the other with rib turbulators. The characteristics of air flow and heat transfer are analyzed under different parameters such as the angles of inclination, size of jets, number of jets, pitch between jets and jet and channel Reynolds numbers. A finite volume method is used to integrate the continuity, fully elliptic Reynolds average Navier-Stockes and energy equations. In turns, these equations are used to simulate the flow and thermal fields in the considered computational model. The effects of turbulence are treated using the standard k-ε model. The wall effects are modeled using the wall function laws. The computed results indicate that the recirculation regions are increased with the increase of inclination angle ( ). Also the results show that the variation of the local Nusselt number, turbulent kinetic energy are significantly effected with the increase of size and number of jets, the distance between jets and jet and channel Reynolds numbers. The validation of the present numerical scheme is accomplished through a comparison with available published results.