Effect of Camels Urine on the Lesions Induced Experimentally by Salmonella typhimurium in Rabbits


This research concluded was designed the ability of camel urine as antibacterial used for inhibition the growing of Salmonella typhimurim as compared with antibiotic Ciprofloxacine experimentally in rabbit. Fifteen rabbit were used, divided into five groups, each group contain three animals. Group one considered as control, group two treated with camels urine, group three infected with bacteria then group four treated with camels urine after infection with bacteria and lastly five group treated with ciprofloxacine with bacteria. Results, showed ability of camels urine to inhibition the growing of bacteria on culture media similar to antibiotic in addition to mild melioration in tissue of each intestine, liver and kidney of infected rabbit with Salmonella typhimurim. This study concluded that, camels urine have ability to inhibition the growing of bacteria on cultured media in addition to meliorating infected tissue (intestine, liver and kidney) of rabbits