Hybrid Mesh Technique to Model a Deep Bar Induction Motor Using Time Stepping Finite Elements Analysis(ENG)


Abstract This paper presents a 2-D nonlinear transient analysis using Finite Elements Method (FEM) to model a three phase deep bar cage induction motor. Accurate representation for this type of machines has been obtained based on the proposed method. In this model, rotation of the motor has been taken into consideration via use a special algorithm for changing the connection between stator and rotor using the coupled equations. A new approach has been used to reduce the ripple torque produced due to coupled equation between stator and rotor. The produced ripple in rotor bar current also has been reduced, by using different types of element shape to mesh the air-gap and cores of induction motor. The FEM has been tested for wide range of working performance from starting to steady state conditions. To validate the proposed model, a comparison with practical results gives a good verification. The nonlinear properties of the core material have been taken into consideration. Index Terms: 2-D nonlinear FEM, Induction Motor; Coupling Equations; Performance Parameters.