Achieving Target of Treatment of Hypertension and Dyslipidemia in type 2 Diabetic Patients


AbstractBackground: Dyslipidemia and hypertension in patients with diabetes increase the risk of macro and microvascular complications.Objectives: To screen the degree of achievement of control of blood pressure, serum cholesterol and serum triglycerides in type 2 diabetic patients.Subject and methods: Two hundred patients with type 2 diabetes were enrolled in this study .The systolic, diastolic blood pressure, total serum cholesterol and serum triglycerides were measured in all patients in the study group.Results: One sixty nine patients (84.5) % had uncontrolled blood pressure and 127(63.5%) of patients had dyslipidemia, while only 9 patients (4.5) % achieved the target for the blood pressure and the total serum cholesterol and triglycerides.Conclusions: Blood pressure and fasting lipid levels should be measured at the time of diagnosis of diabetes and then frequently as clinically indicated and more frequent testing should be performed if treatment for hypertension and dyslipidaemia is initiated.Key words: Diabetes mellitus-Blood pressure, Total serum cholesterol –Serum triglyceride.