The incidence of Cryptosporidium parvum in children in Al -Zahra Hospital – Najaf


Present study was conducted at Al- Zahra Hospital for childbirth and children in the province of Najaf for the period from December / 2010 to December / 2011, which aims to determine the incidence of parasite spores cache C.parvum in children suffering from diarrhea reviewers in Al- Zahra Hospital - Najaf . By examining (321) sample of children with diarrhea using modified acid fast staining method, found infection by parasite in (35) sample at a rate (10.9%), also revealed that the percentage of infected male high and was significantly more than it is female. Also shown that children aged (3-4) years are the most susceptible to the parasite and significant statistical difference compared with other age groups included in the study. And that the infection percentage of children who live in rural areas, the parasite is significantly higher than in those who live in the city. Also found that children who are the source of drinking water from untreated water (rivers and streams) were infected with the percentage of the parasite and was significantly higher than the percentage of infection to children who drink treated water (tap water). Results also indicated that the percentage of parasite infection in children with diarrhea and a more significant difference for infected children with the parasite and without diarrhea (control).


Najaf, C.parvum, diarrhea