Effect of magnetized water and KT-30 on Growth and flowering of Calendula officinalis L.


This experiment was carried out during the agricultural season (2009) -(2010) in the agricultural unit related to theUniversity of Kufa ,to AL-Nagaf AL-Ashraf gov. to lavestigate effect of magnetized water and CPPU( KT-30) in vegetative &flowering characters of Calendula officinalis L. The experiment was established as factorial experiment in two factors ,the first factor was the type of irrigated water in two levels :regular water(control) and irrigated with magnetized water ,the second factor was the growth regulater KT-30 in four concentrations (0,4,8,16)mg/L,according to Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) in three replications , the experimental unit contained five plants ,the means were compared according to L.S.D. The results revealed that :plants irrigated by magnetized water gave significant increasing in vegetative growth characters included: plant height , number of branches /plant ,leaves number ,leaf area &dry weight of shoots :50.90 cm, 288.25, 72.12, 1616.6cm2 & 19.16 gm respectively. Also an increasing in flowering growth characters included: increase in flowers number,flower diameter,petals number & the dry weight of flowers,the results were:79.94, 6.74 cm, 101.35, 0.86 gm , respectively, and cause delaying of flowering . The plants which were treated with KT-30 showed significally increasing on vegetative criteria,such as plant height , number of branches/plant , leaves number, leaf area&dry weight of vegetative growth (54.91cm,78.02, 293.04 , 1558.7 cm2 & 19.77 gm) respectively. Moreover treatments caused an increasing in flowering characters such as, number of flowers, flower diameter,petals number,flowers dry weight, flowering date(80.86,8.57 cm, 100.85, 0.91 gm& 87.76) respectively.