The appropriateness of the Criminal Procedure Code Iraqi force International standards for human rights


The appropriateness of the Criminal Procedure Code in force Internationals tandards forhumanrights D.dhiy-AbdullahAl-JaberAl-Asadi The Constitution of Rights and Freedoms in its provisions, by members of a door or a special chapter to them, and often this organization would be years and leave details of the legislation specialized, and which ensures the legislative authority issued, it is imperative that comes the Criminal Procedure Code as one legislation relating to the rights and freedoms organized them, through the statement of the legal provisions relating to the exercise of these rights and freedoms and constraints imposed on them as it does not confiscate the origin of these rights and freedoms, and that he has a constitution of the Republic of Iraq for 2005 in Part II (Chapter I, Chapter II)) materials(14-46). The goal of this study was to statement of international standards for human rights on the Law of Criminal Procedure Iraqi No. (23) for the year 1971, as amended, and try to compare with those standards contained in the International Bill of Human Rights ((Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948, and the International Covenant on economic, social and cultural rights, and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and Albrootokoliyn Optional Protocols)), with reference to the relevant international conventions axes study, for the diagnosis of points of convergence and divergence between them, in order to reach legal drafting appropriate as we see and Natqdha for texts contained in the law under study and research, and to maintain the texts that provide legal guarantees that are consistent with international standards, which will be referred to in the course of this research.