Measurements of Electromagnetic Radiations Generated by 11kv Underground Distribution Power Cables


Underground power cables are usually used to transfer electric power from distribution stations to the consumer, especially in densely populated areas in which the overhead lines cannot be used. During the process of energy transfer occurring some phenomena such as high temperature of the cable as a result of the losses, as well as the formation of electromagnetic fields around the cable. The aim of this research is to investigate the levels of electromagnetic fields generated by 11kv underground power cable. Research has been conducted in two ways, mathematical calculations and practical measurements. Results show that the mathematical calculations and practical measurements are approximately identical. The safe and unsafe zones from the underground power cable have been determined by comparison of these results with reference values established by the World Health Organization. These results may consider as an important data for the categorization of underground distribution power cables as well as individual sources of EMF to reduce exposure to such fields in order to avoid its negative health effects on human health.