Evaluation of Integrated Information Technology System in Organizations “Exploratory Comparative Search for opinions of sample of Workers in the Faculties of Science & Education AL- Asma'I at the University of Diyala


The subject of the information technology system ( ITS ) of the important issues And contemporary thought in management, and various types of organizations seeking to apply and try to Access to the system of integrated information technology in order to continue growth and , And for compet this there is a need to study in the Iraqi organizations. The reseach aim to findout Level of performance (ITS) in two colleges from the University of Diyala, ( college of Science, and asmaay college of Education) and whether performance is consistent with the requirements of (ITS) integrated. Selected sample of the Teams career in Tow colleges and at different levels The questionnaire form used to collect data , it was recovered from (67) For both colleges, and after research found the analysis to non-arrival of the colleges to the requirements of Integrated Information System technology , as well as the existence of significant differences between the colleges In the level of responses and the current performance level of the colleges