Mediated IBC-Based Management System of Identity and Access in Cloud Computing


Cloud computing is a new technology that providing to consumers dramatically scalable and virtualized resources, bandwidth, software and hardware on demand. However, cloud computing also introduces serious security problems. One of the major security concerns of cloud computing is the management of access and identities of different entities involved in such environment. This paper proposes a new system for Identity and Access Management (IAM) based on combining the techniques of Identity-Based Cryptography (IBC) and security mediated cryptography with the Trusted Cloud (TC) to facilitate the management and provide more security and access control for cloud computing. IBC is an interesting choice for IAM as it significantly reduces the key management complexity. On the other hand, mediated cryptography enables system administrators to efficiently achieve access control in a fine grained manner, while a TC can provide a Single Sign On (SSO) ability to users. The paper also presents results of the developed prototype implementation of the proposed IAM system.