Effects of dietary Probiotic on growth and levels of serum proteins in mice


21 Male Albino Mice strain BALB/C, 4 weeks old with an average weight of 17 ± 3 gm were used in biological study. The animals were fed on Lb.acidophilus and Lb.casei to detect some nutritional indicators as well as the estimated of the levels of immune proteins (α1 , α2, β and γ–globulin’s) and albumin in the blood serum. )G2, G3( groups showed significantly higher weight and amount of food consumed and the digestion efficiency, compared with (G1) group. The effect probiotics on the level of immune proteins and albumin of blood serum of mice were studied. Groups of )G2,G3( showed significant increase in the level of immune serum proteins and albumin compared with (G1) group. Groups of Lb.acidophilus gave the best results compared with Lb.casei. These types of lactic acid bacteria were selected for modulating gut immune responses in mice.