Comparison of Rate of Caesarean Section between Governmatal and Private Hospitals in Baghdad City


BACKGROUND: Rising rates of caesarean section (CS) is a worldwide concern. OBJECTIVE: Evaluating rate and indications of CS at both public and private hospital in Baghdad. MATERIALS AND METHODS:A review of all (1354) records of CS patients during January 2009 (552 public, 802 private hospitals) was performed. RESULTS: Rate of CS was higher in private (59.2%) hospital and among mothers aged 25-29 years. Youngerpatients and elective CS were higher among private patients, emergency CS was higher amongpublic patients. Most CS was performed in term pregnancy, longitudinal lie in both. The mostfrequent indications were pervious scar (previous CS) and fetal distress in both sectors,malpresentation in the public and failure to progress in the private hospital. Maternal request wasfound only in the private.CONCLUSION: According to the accepted rates of CS adopted by the World Health Organization (WHO) (5% 15%);CSrateisstillhighinbothsectors,establishing audit committee, good training with secondopinion strategy are vital to reduce i