Growth Assessment in Asthmatic Patients


BSTRACT: BACKGROUND:Asthma is a chronic disease &the chronic disease states regardless etiology can cause growth failure ininfant &toddler. OBJECTIVE :To assess growth of asthmatic patients PATIENT AND METHODS: One hundred asthmatic children between (5-15 years) of age . Both asthmatic & control group studied in term of height, weight & Skin fold thickness, all anthropometric measurements of height, weight &skinfold thickness measured for both groups.RESULT: Height, weight &skin fold thickness were significantly retarded in asthmatic, the more severe thedisease &longer duration the more retardation in the height & weight.The height was affected more than the weight by the disease duration & severity .The diminution in skinfold thickness was retarded both with increase disease duration & severity but the female was lessretarded than male as the disease duration prolonged.CONCLUSION: All growth parameter (height, weight, SFT) affected by asthma (duration & severity), so the growthparameters can be used in asthmatic children to evaluate the effect of treatment