The factors affecting of consumer behavior in the Iraqi market of home electrical appliances..


Managers of marketing deals with the motives of Consumer Purchasing; because motivate consumers to purchase is one the main objectives of the efforts of marketing, but the motives of purchase can not be observed with the naked eye, and it can be inferred behavior resulting only, however, the effort to understand the motives and study the factors affecting on consumer to benefit in the interpretation of patterns of purchasing behavior of individuals, families and shed light on the origins, evolution and recurrence. This reconnaissance study represents a contribution to a deeper understanding about the impact of various factors on consumer purchasing behaviour of the Iraqi in the current circumstances. Where the research analyzed the relationship between independent variables such as social factors, personal, psychological, and marketing mix and consumer behaviour as dependent variable in the market for electrical appliances in the city of Basra. These results are useful for producers and retailers so that they can understand the needs of Iraqi consumers and thus enable them to satisfy the consumer a better way.