الاحتياط للدماء في المظاهرات في الفقه الإسلامي


Praise be to God that His grace is righteous and peace and blessings on the pro miracles and his family and companions preliminary dignities and after:At the end of this blessed journey for this search must register the most important fruits that have been picked and can be summarized as follows:1- between the forensic evidence to prove the legality of reservists and demonstrations.2 -research shows that the precaution principle used Ancestors which means they have to leave some fear of falling into ill- gotten as Ibn Umar (I make between me and the Sacred sweater nor breaching it ).3- The jurists controls for reservists not be inconsistent with the religious texts and not be commanded by others and be based on the origin of the considerable and should not be a door for abnormal work with words.4 shows in the search that the demonstrations are closer to the calculation and denial on the ruling to prevent tyranny or oppression.5 prevail in the search that the legality of demonstrations observe non-occurrence of sedition and not be a reason to shed the blood of Muslims and their symptoms.6 suggest in search of the inadmissibility of demonstrators were killed or assaulted, especially if they are not carrying weapons and was a legitimate reason they demonstrated.The last prayer to thank God, prayer and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions