Forty newly in the virtues of Medina Sheikh Mohammed bin Ahmed Alo_khasasi, Almighty God's mercy


Do not hide the importance of the Sunnah and theimportance of learning and education, has the honor ofGod talk and preferred to his family and the higheststature and wisdom on each bee and foot on each flag andraise Male from him, and in our hands some left ourscientists of the heritage of values, represent manuscriptsthat have reached us, and the number of many differentmessages which have not received adequate care just likebig books that have received carefully graduate students,as well as the difficulty in obtaining copies of these lettersfor many reasons, including the fact within the groups didnot indexed or know the correct Anoanadtha.One of these messages a message to Sheikh MohammedAhmed Alo_khasasi the Almighty God's mercy, a smallmessage, including forty-one newly virtues of Medina.Have wanted to achieve for the benefit the students ofscience on the one hand, and to contribute to thedeployment of Arab heritage.