Uncertainty Perception and it’s reflect on the Organizational Adaptation Strategies Adoption


AbstractThe relationship between organization and its environment becomes the major interest in the managerial studies, especially in the strategic management field and organizational theory.Therefore, this research aims at studying the level of strategic adaptation with external environment aspects through a comparative study in some of private colleges in Iraq. The research uses some of statistical tools to determine the nature of environmental uncertainty and its level according to two aspects: (Simplicity/ Complexity), (Stability/ dynamically) according to (Griffin, 1993), (Moorhead & Griffin, 1995), and adopted two from the strategic adaptation model are: (Reactive, Proactive) according to (Jauch & GLeuck, 1989). A questionnaire is distributed among (44) people represents the sample of the research in the private colleges: Deans, Deans' Assistants, Heads of Departments, and their assistants.After collecting data, the researchers analyzed the data by some statistical methods such as Average mean, and correlation. In the light of results, the researchers come up with a set of conclusions, the main one is the environment of research colleges is fluctuated between complex and dynamic. The researchers recommend work for achieving the alignment between the environmental uncertainty and the organizational strategy.