Speeding Fractal Medical Image Compression by using Highest Gray Value of Pixels Technique


In this research, we concerned with speeding up fractal image compression by using a new adapted method based on computing the highest value of the pixel of the image to reduce the computational com-plexity in the encoder stage and which are led to decreasing the encoding time while the reconstructed im-age from the work as good as we want. For increasing the effectiveness of search stage we used another type of partitioning method that led to increase the flexibility of range partition, this method is HV-partition. We applied this method on medical images and also present a comparison of this method against other method which used to speed the fractal compression. The application of fractal images compression presented in this research is based on decreasing of the computational complexity in the searching stage that performing by selecting the blocks which has highest gray value of pixels which make high efficiency on encoding time that make another way to speeding up fractal medical images compression .