Iraqi Women in the Poetry of Ibn Al-Qaisarani (D.548 A. H.) An Analytical Study


Al-Qaisarani (D.548 A. H.), one of the second Abbasid period, had been known for one of the phenomena of literature (Iraqi Women), for whom he had dedicated stanzas dealing with the feeling of longing to the Iraqi homes. The study is consisted of three sections, the first of which is concerned in the language of the poetry of Iraqi Women. It studies the lexicon related to the poet’s experience and his grammatical structures which had been altering between two types of sentence: The sentence which carry the link to the stylistic identity and the sentence which carry the link to the grammatical identity. The second section of the study has dealt with world of image, based on the poetic innovative trend which expands the distance between the meaning appears on the surface structure and the meaning of the deep structure surrounded by its walls. Rhythm has been the other element based on the unity of the poem, enrichment of the lexical items phonologically and semantically. The third section has been concerned in the statistics of the poetic lines in each poetic meter, rhyme, the percentages of use, the details of the relation between meters and rhymes, and their concerned prosody that relate to the poet psychological state, depicting the most prominent phonological models, to which extent they have been effected by the real life situation, and speeded the phonological rhyme within the textual context.