Assessment And Monitoring Of Shatt Al-Hilla River Within The Middle Euphrates Region


The aim of water quality assessment and monitoring program is to provide timely and accurate water quality data to various clients within the Department of Ecology and elsewhere. Water pollution for Shatt Al-Hilla river in Middle Euphrates region of Iraq (Babylon and Al-Diwaniya governorates) occurs in both rural and urban areas. In rural areas, drinking water from natural sources such as rivers and streams is usually polluted by organic substances from upstream users who use water for agricultural activities. To protect the water resources from pollution and deterioration which caused by natural pollutants or human activities. An environmental database was constructed and applied. To evaluate the pollutant concentrations, regression models were obtained by Data Fit Software program (version 8.0). The results were compared with the Iraqi and WHO standards for domestic and irrigation purposes to determine pollution extend and suggest suitable solutions. The results of the program are verified with data of year 2008 which is not included in regression model. This verification shows a good agreement with coefficient of determination ranged between "0.927 to 0.996".