The Role of (Geoelectric and Hydrogeologic) Parameters in the Evaluation of Groundwater reservoir at South of Jabal Sinjar area


In this study the (geoelectric – hydrogeologic) parameters which are obtained by the quantitative interpretation of (80) Schlumberger Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES) points distributed in six linear profiles within the study area are used in addition to (6) pumping test locations for the groundwater reservoir located to the south of Jabal Sinjar (Sinjar anticline). The studied area covers about 7920Km2. The (VES) field readings were interpreted manually by using the auxiliary point method-partial resistivity curve matching,then the interpreted results enhanced by using computer software specialized for the 1D- (VES) resistivity curves interpretation. The (VES) results analyzed by using modern techniques in order to construct a new predicted hydrogeologic maps through the application of an empirical statistical relations between geoelectric and the Hydraulic parameters. The results of empirical relations represent the predicted hydraulic parameters for the points where no pumping tests achieved. The results represents the predicted hydraulic conductivity (K), Transmissivity(Tr), Specific capacity(Sc) and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). A computer software used to display the results as maps to display the calculated hydrogeologic parameters variation across the studied area. This result helps to delineate the most productive and good quality groundwater within the study area.