Ibstamoljia knowledge for Gaston Bachelard


Gaston Bachelard French great respect really his father was a cobbler and his grandfather was a farmer destitute . () In Encyclopedia of Dr Abdul Rahman Badawi tells him: philosopher of science French , was born in a bar on the Al-out river in the year 1884. () And taught himself , however , was the work and learn, and suffered so much describe his description of a bitter and tragic in those days, in his book " the flame of a candle ," and after his studies at the secondary work employees in the mail until 1913, where he earned a degree in math and science , and the impact was appointed as a teacher of physics and chemistry in school, " bar on the river Op " high school, then received a doctorate in literature ," the Department of Philosophy " at the Sorbonne in 1927 , and in 1930 became a professor of philosophy at the University of " Dijon ", and then was appointed professor of the history of science and philosophy at the Department of philosophy, Faculty of Arts " Sorbonne " University of Paris , and continued in this office to the time of his retirement in 1954 , mentions Dr. Hanafi that when I finish school and opened in front of him Doors married, later died ,and his wife left a nice daughter which she learned and graduated philosopher of Signalized occupies its place in encyclopedias and operates her writings Sa space on the shelves of libraries and his daughter named " Susan Bachelard " is the author of " rational awareness when Husserl venomenlogia " and she still today a professor of philosophy at the Sorbonne and Bachelard died in 1962 in Paris .