Polymorphisms of CYP1B1 Gene and the Risk of Endometrial Cancer in Iraqi Women


This study was designed to study the polymorphisms of CYP1B1 genes and the risk of endometrial cancer in Iraqi women. A total of Fourty patients with endometrial cancer, aged between 15-72 year were contacted after surgery in Baghdad, and sixty apparently healthy women as control. The blood samples were collected in EDTA tube for extraction DNA and PCR experiments. The results showed that the frequency of CYP1B1 homozygous wild type Leu /Leu were 14% and 68% in patients and control respectively, while the homozygous mutant Val /Val were 32% and 28% respectively. The heterozygous mutant allele Leu /Val was 54% in endometrial cancer cases compared to 4% in control. The statistical analyses showed increased risk of endometrial cancer with homozygous mutant Val /Val genotype with an OR of 5.55 (95% CI 2.¬578- 11.951) and with heterozygous Leu/Val with an OR of 56.5 (59% CI = 20.407-210.687).When stratified the patients according to different stages, we found no association between the endometrial caner and stage IC, the risk increased to tow fold with stage IIB, while in stage IIIA and IVB the risk was highly increased to more than six fold with an OR (odd ratio) of 6.138 and 6.277 respectively .The risk of endometrial cancer increased to 2.5 fold in patient who had CYP1B1 mutant allele Leu/Val