Multi-model Production and Assembly Line Balancing (Caravans Production Workshop)


The subject of balancing production lines of the great interest by researchers that because of its significant impact in increasing productivity and rising the efficiency of the production line as well as reduce the time lost, which directly affect production costs. In this research the focus was on approximate methods to solve the problem of balancing multi-model line where the problem was divided into a set of sub-problems solved for the purpose of gradually was used ranked positional weights to solve the problem in addition to the expense of overall efficiency of the multi-model line. The study has been applied in an actual production environment in Al – Fida’a Company which is one of public sectors companies of Iraq Ministry of Industry and Minerals. Four models of caravans with different sizes have been chosen. The balancing of the problem is made for each sub-problem separately and finding the efficiency of multi-model line is reached to 78.8%.