Historical Development of Walking Sport


The paper aims at: 1-I dentifying the historical development of the walking sport . 2-The plase and the period of time for practicing the walking sport and extracting the lessons and making use of positives of history in this aspect . 3-Discovering and clarifying the facts which refer to the importance of the walking sport in the history and extent of attention and utilization of it at the present time by care and practice . The researcher used the historical program because of its convenience for nature of the research for the purpose of reaching the real historical roots of this sport and its importance and rank in Islam and other fields. The researcher concluded the following : 1-Attention of Islam with walking sport and urging the people to practice it outdoors because of its physical and recreational usefulness .2-Sport of walking is less than other sports in a rnatter of stress and it is more than them as to an issue of security it is more receptive with the people and at any stage of age . 3-The attention of America and Britain with walking sport since old ages . Sportsmen apperared and they had been called , Kings of walking like (William Robinhood) and (James Hokindge) . While entering the Olympic games , Britain has not won in the race of (50) km. except one time and the race of (20) km . has won three times . 4-There are athletes who won in three Olympic tournaments and four races like (Robort Korzinowski) who won in three tournaments as regards the race of (50) km in the years (1996 , 2000, 2004) . He also won in the race of (20)km in (2000) He won in three championships concerning the race of (50)km in the years (1997 , 2001 , 2003 ) .


Walking, Sport