Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Polyacetylene and Poly Diacetylene Substituted with Thiosaccharin


novel polyacetylene & Polydiacetylene Substituted with thio Saccharin were Synthesized by two routes , first polymerization of terminal propargyl Saccharin ( laboratory prepared ) to produce polyacetylene PAS , under nitrogen gas, in presence of PdCl2 in DMF. The Polymerization reaction was carried on for 4hrs. at 30c0 (Yield 78%). Second procedure was used to product PAS using Microwave Radations under the same conditions at 400 W, for 10 minutes , (Yield 70% ). Another route was polymerization diacetylene (laboratory prepared) to produce Polydiacetylene PDAS ,The Synthesis approach to PDAS is based on Oxidative Coupling polymerization under oxygen gas and THF, In basic medium (pyridine) and present CuCl , PdCl2 as Catalytic , The polymer Yield 82% at reaction temperature 40 C0 in 5 hrs. Instrumental analyses such HNMR , FR-IR ,Spectroscopies. These Indicated that the new materials have Conjugated polymers within designed Substituents Saccharin.