Study of effects Broiler density on some production characteristics by supplement by addition of different levels of group of Vitamin AD3E


The increase of bird stoking density in area on of the stress full condos to bird and that northerly affect the production performance ,Inundation to the it influence on growth average and mortality rate and increase the health of birds ,therefore use it in this study under different density as A mean or technical to reduce the stress from bird crud and on other side we want to see how much we can increase the density of bird of vitamin or with out it with presorting of production performance and keep it activity and vita. Ability and bird production. The study was conducted at poultry farm of Animal Science Department- College of Agriculture and Forestry- Mosul University, experiment used it three groups of stocking densities of 13, 15 and 17 birds/ m2 , each group were distributed to another three experimental treatments of vitamin levels addition in water drinking (with out vit.,0.625 ml/L ,0.375 ml/L ) for study effects of stocking density ,vita. And the interaction between them the results were as follows The results yielded highly significant (P≤0.01) between different stoking density on live body weight , average increasing weight , relative growth, feed consumption especially for (6, 7, 8) weeks and decreasing in average feed conversion in density (13, 15) bird/ m2 while the (17) bird/ m2 highly significant in mortality percent ,and the study found it that traits vitamin were increased significant compared with the traits with out vitamin and also decreasing mortality percent in stoking density (15, 17) bird/ m2 the interaction affected significant on production characteristics it was increase the level healthy ,decreasing mortality percent .There were all interaction between density and vita. (13 bird/ m2 + 0.625 ml/L) highly significant on all the traits while the interaction (17 bird/ bird/ m2 with out vita.) reduce the performance production in birds


Broiler, Vit. AD3E