Effect Of In Ovo Injection Of Testosterone And Estrogen On Some Productive Traits Of Japanese Quail Birds (Coturnix japonica


This study was conducted during the period 19/3/2010 to 19/5/2010 . At station of agricultural researches and experiments / Animal farm/ College of Agriculture/ University of Basrah . To evaluate the effect of in ovo injection of steroid hormones (testosterone and estrogen) on Some Productive Traits Of Japanese Quail Birds , A total of 440 Eggs of Japanese quail were used in this study, There were equally divided into equal 4 treatments. Eggs of first treatment were injected with25 ng testosterone propionate and eggs of second treatment were injected with 25 ng Estradiol benzoate were left dissolved it in 20 ul corn oil .The eggs of third treatment were injected Corn oil . Eggs of the fourth treatments without injection .The results shows There was significant increase (P<0.05) in birds weight of treatments 1 and 2 compared with two sets of control . In addition superiority of females to males in the weight . There was significant increase (P<0.05) of yolk cholesterol and rates of egg weight produced from females of treatments 2 compared with other groups. The results shows a significant increase (P<0.05) in (calcium and Phosphorus) of tibia bones for birds of treatments 1and 2 compared with two sets of control. In conclusion positive work for sexual hormones (testosterone and estrogen) at increase for growth rate for birds and increase of intensity of mineral element in tibia bones and positive work for estrogen hormone at increase for rate of product egg weight