Biochemical Study of Ribonuclease in Serum and Tissues of Patients with Uterine Tumors


The activity of alkaline and acidic ribonuclease (RNase) was measured in serum and tissues of women with benign and malignant uterine tumors, compared to women with a curettage as a control group. The results indicated that there is a significant increase in alkaline and acidic RNase activity in sera and tissues of patients with uterine tumors when compared with the control group. The research also, includes the isolation and purification of the alkaline RNase from the sera of normal women. It has been found that the specific activity of enzyme in proteinous precipitate, after dialysis and gel filtration, was increased and the enzyme shows two peaks. In addition, it has been found that the enzyme has approximate molecular weight of (28774±1000) dalton. The results also showed that the optimum conditions of the RNase enzyme are: (50) µg/ml of enzyme concentration with reaction (15) minutes at (pH= 8.2) and at (37˚C), while the substrate concentration was about (0.125) mmol/L. When the Lineweaver-Burk plot was used, the value of Michaelis-Mentens constants (Km) is (0.06 mmol). When the duration of storage was studied, the activity of the enzyme is not affected during two months, after that the activity was decreased gradually.