Effect of magnetically treated water and cadmium on the activity of some enzymes and proteins in the kidneys of albino mice


The research was conducted to study the effect of cadmium and magnetically treated water on some physiological aspects ofkidneys of Swiss albino mice strain (BULBC). Animals were exposed to cadmium chloride (100 ppm) and to magnetically treated water using static magnet field (intensity of 3000 Gauss). Total proteins and activity of some enzymes were estimated, the results were as following:1.The activity of alkaline phosphates enzyme increased in the treated animals in compare with control group.2.The activity of AST enzyme increased in the treated animals, but there was a variation in ALT activity in compare with control group.3.Appearance of new band of protein and disappearance of another in groups treated with cadmium.4.There was a high cadmium accumulation in treated animals with cadmium (1.3 and 1.6 microgram gram wet weight tissue) in comparison with control (0.1 microgram gram wet weight tissue).