Antioxidant activity of Cinnamic acid against Trichlorfon in mice


Abstract: The study was carried out to determine the toxic ,oxidant and antioxidant effects of cinnamic acid in comparison with Vitamin C towards the reduce effect of trichlorfon pesticide ,which is a chemical compound that damage hepatic cells and has mutagenic effects. The effect was studied in mice and the bioassay system depended on evaluating the enzymatic activity of two antioxidant enzymes: Catalase and Glutathione Reductase .Two concentrations of pure cinnamic acid 60 and 30 mg/ body weight were evaluated to choose the suitable concentration . In order to use it in the interaction experiments included two types of treatment pre-Trichlorfon and post – Trichlorfon to determine the mechanisms of pure cinnamic acid which showed no toxic and oxidant effects in biological system and it showed highly performance in preventing and reducing the oxidant stress influences of trichlorfon. It was increased the catalase and glutathione reductase antioxidant activity especially in dose 30mg/ body weight. The positive effect was higher when pure cinnamic acid was used as post- trichlorfon treatment and to less extent in pre –Trichlorfon treatment. The cinnamic acid can be considered as an antioxidant compound and Desmutagen in the first degree and Bioantimutagen in the second degree