Economic Return of Wheat Production Al- Hindia District / Karbala Province For the Season (2010-2011) *


Wheat crop considered as the most important Crop which has an important role in Iraqi agriculture . As a consequence of Iraqi agricultural sector and the increasing demand for the strategic. Crop made it necessary to study the economic efficiency for there crop. The aim of this research is to estimate the economic feasibility for wheat production in Karbala province .A question naira was designed to collect data from a random sample of (113) farmers in Al- Hindia district reflect ( 13%) ,from the guestivnear research . The result showed positive sing of the used criteria and the second item of property was the best item as it fulfilled the majority of economic criteria . The research recommend to increase the management efficiency of the farms and the development of the use of advanced technology in the Wheat production and the cantinas spurt for the Farmers