Legal essence of electronic commerce


The extent effect of the internet using to gain international character trade contracts which done by it, and the extent ability to apply the standard of private international law in this sector. Then explain the legal definition of e-commerce in chapter one and the patterns in the second chapter and positives, negatives in the third and fourth chapters to reach to the conclusion that the appearance of these new trade does not mean leave the applicable law articles in particular the trade laws. Ensuring that not going under the state authority controlling due to the nature of the network, which ignores the geographical borders and this is agreed with stander of the traditional international trade law in determining international trade contract.The problematic search is in the appearance of commerce means leave away the trade and civil rule of law which applicable into the traditional trade. Is the electronic commerce contracts are nontraditional commerce contracts by the conditions and conclusion. Is all their contracts international? should require interventions of the legislator for taking out or is it included in most cases, If not all the provisions defined by commercial laws and what is the negatives things which appear by this trade and other questions appeared during the search which ended that this e – commerce must have conclusion contracts which that the same contracts used by the traditional trade .