Total Antioxidant Capacity As Indicative of Oxidative Stress on β-Thalassemia Patients


Total antioxidant capacity (TAC), glutathione peroxidase(Gpx) and glutathione S transferase(GST) for patients with β- thalassemia major (n=20) and β-thalassemia minor (n=20) compared with apparent healthy control subjects (n=18) were study. The aim of this study is to consider mechanisms of free radical formation in the body, the consequences of free radical induced tissue damage, and the function of antioxidant defence systems in thalassemia major and minor patients. The indicative parameter of conjugated diene hydroperoxide with the total antioxidant capacity and the enzymatic antioxidant system activity (glutathione peroxidase(Gpx) and glutathione S- transferase(GST)), were evaluated. This is a new study to describe total antioxidant capacity in the thalassemia patients.