Measuring the concentration of uranium for adults teeth in adjacent areas of Tigris river in Baghdad city using nuclear track detector CR-39


In this study, the fission track registration technique with the CR-39 detector are using to determination the uranium concentrations for seventeen samples of teeth distributed in four districts in Baghdad City .Five samples taken from both Al-Durra District and Al-Jadiriyia District, Four samples taken from Al-Karrda (Alaatar street) Taken four samples and three samples taken from Al-Zuafrania and by 0.5gm in weight and 1.5 mm in thickness. The uranium concentrations in teeth samples measured by using fission tracks registration in (CR-39) track detector that caused by the bombardment of (U) with thermal neutrons from (241 Am-Be) neutron source that has flux of (5 ×103 n cm-2 s-1). The concentrations values were calculated by a comparison with standard samples. The results showed that the maximum value of uranium is (0.071 ppm) equal to (0.686Bq) in Al-Zuafaraniya district and the minimum is (0.035 ppm) equal to (0.31Bq) in Al-Jadiriah district.