Morphology, chemical and electrical properties of CdO Nanoparticles on porous silicon


In this paper, CdO nanoparticles prepared by pulsed laser deposition techniqueonto a porous silicon (PS) surface prepared by electrochemical etching of p-type silicon wafer with resistivity (1.5-4Ω.cm) in hydrofluoric (HF) acid of 20% concentration. Current density (15 mA/cm2) and etching times (20min). The films were characterized by the measurement of AFM, FTIR spectroscopy and electrical properties. Atomic Force microscopy confirms the nanometric size.Chemical components during the electrochemical etching show on surface of PSchanges take place in the spectrum of CdO deposited PS when compared to as-anodized PS.The electrical properties of prepared PS; namely current density-voltage characteristics under dark, show that the pass current through the PS layer is more than that obtained from the CdO/PS/Si which is related to increasing junction resistivity that come from increasing in depletion width.