The Effect of Plant Seeds Peganum harmala Evaporation on Testicular Tissue in Male White Rats Treated with Chlorpromazine


This study was conducted to determine the effect of evaporation of plant seeds Peganum harmala on the tissues of the testes in male albino rats treated with Chlorpromazine. The rats aged 3-4 months and weighted 200-300 g were divided into two groups, the first group is control negative included 10 rats which were dosed with distilled water and remaining animals were dosed with Chlorpromazine (2 mg/kg) of body weight per day for six weeks. Then the treated animals were divided into 4 groups, each group consists of 10 rats. The positive control treated with drug, the second group evaporated for 7 days, the third group evaporated for 14 days and the last group evaporated for 21 days.The results showed an injurious effect on the control positive group represented by necrosis and degenerative for some epithelial cells in seminiferous tubules that elucidate reducing the tissue. After the first evaporation it was observed that there was a clear and partial improvement represented by increasing the number of cells in seminiferous tubules compared with the control positive group. In the second evaporation period it was noted that there was a continuous increase in the number of cells in the seminiferous tubules. Finally, in the third evaporation the seminiferous tubules approximately regained the normal situation represented by compensation of the number of reducing cells resulting from the injurious effect of drug. This information gives a definite indication for the positive reformative effect of evaporation on testicular tissue.