Role of dietary α-tocopherole in correction of oxidative stress resulted from chronic cadmium exposure in rabbits


The aim of this study was to determine the adverse effects of cadmium sulfate administration & role vit E in correction these adverse effect on urinary system parameters, 30 six mouth old ,clinically healthy new Zealand white rabbits were divided in to three group (ten in each group)T1 control group,T2 givin normal diet and tap water has 250mg/L for 60days,T3givin also normal diet, tap water has 250mg/ml & 500mg/day dietary administration of Alpha-tocophenol there were a significant variation (p≤0.01) between T2&T3groups in the levels of blood urea nitrogen, uric acid &plasma glutathione peroxidase, while the there were some improvement in the levels of creatinin & kidney glutathione peroxidase for T3group than T2 group, but this improvement don't reach the significant value. urine protein percentage for T3group was less sever than T2 group. histopathological alteration in the kidney tissue for T3&T2 groups were confirm these results as general, Alpha-tocophenol play important role in diminishing oxidative stress of urinary system that resulted from chronic cadmium exposure.