Factors affecting milk production in Sulaymaniah province


The study was conducted on 757 cows of different breeds, presented in fifty farms in thirty nine villages related to Sulaymaniah province. All information have been taken from the farmers directly or via the phones. Which including; breed of the animals, feeder system, quantity of milk production daily, the use of A.I. and Health managements of the farm. The result showed that 15.2% of the cows are local breed (120/ 757), where as 57.8% (438/757) are cross breed. The foreign imported breeds (Semintal, Brown, swiss and Holstein) constitutes 26.5% (199/ 757). The average daily milk production in local breed cows were 6.78 ± 0.28, 13 ± 0.29 kg. in cross breed cows while in the Foreign imported breed was 29 ± 0.39 kg. the was a significant difference in daily milk production (p<0.05) between different breeds. The result also showed that 92% (46/50) of the farmers milking the animals twice daily, while 6% (3/50) milking three times daily only one farmer 2% (1/50) milking the cows once daily. It has been observed that 36% of the farmer fed clover, 22% fed sometimes clover and 42% of the farmers did not fed cows clover on 18% of the farmers gives the required ration 60% of the farmers visited the special vet. clinic. It was concluded from this study that milk production in Al- Sulaymaniah province. Affected by several factors such as breed, food, numbers of milking and Health management. Although further study was needed in Kurdistan region to renal the necessity for food safety and food security in this region.


milk production, cow