Clinical effects of zinc deficiency in Iraqi camels


Clinical signs and parameters in comparison with Zn levels have been studied in Iraqi camels in Al-Najaf slaughter house. Among 1562 examined camels 40 camels from different ages and both sex with skin lesion (dry scaly) as a deficient and other 40 camel apparently healthy as control. Affected animals showing sign of parakeratosis 90%, alopecia with 52.5%, pal mucus membrane 30%, emaciation 22.5%, diarrhea 7.5%, abnormal hoof formation 5% and excessive lacremation 5%. No significant differences has been detected in body temperature, whereas respiratory and heart rate significantly increased at (p<0.05) when compared with control. Serum zinc analyzed by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers, the result revealed normal Zn value in Iraqi camel was (62.9±3.5mg/dl) but results of diseased camel revealed significant decrease in serum zinc (32.4±2.1mg/dl).