Incidence of Salmonella and Brucella of cattle in Baghdad


Serological investigation was conducted on (100) serum samples. (50) samples were collected from aborted cows and (50) samples from non-aborted cows in some areas in Baghdad to detect the infection of Brucellosis and Salmonellosis by using Rose Bengal plate test and tube agglutination test for brucellosis and the Widale plate test for salmonellosis.This study was conducted on two axons, first axon to detect the incidence of infection with brucellosis and salmonellosis in cattle, while the second axon to detect the cases of mixed infection with salmonellosis and brucellosis.Rose bengal test conceders one of the most important screening test in detecting brucellosis in both aborted and non-aborted cows. The positive results in the RBPT were (32) with percentage (%64) in aborted cows and (22) with percentage (%44) in non-aborted cows, while the tube agglutination test gave (22) positive results with percentage(%44) in aborted cows and (5) with percentage of (%20) in non-aborted cows. The widale test gave good results in the diagnosis of salmonellosis in cattle, the incidence in aborted cows was(%28) while in non-aborted cows was (%16).It was noticed that the percentage of mixed infection between brucellosis and salmonellosis was (%16) in aborted cows and (%12) in non-aborted cows and this is due to the presence of common and non-specific antigens between the two bacteria.