Localization of transforming growth factor-beta expression in the peri-implant tissues of dental implants coated with placental collagen


Back ground : The transforming growth factor beta (TGFB) signaling pathway is involved in many cellular processes inboth the adult organism and the developing embryo including cell growth, cell differentiation, apoptosis. Theinteraction between implant material and surrounding tissues is believed to play a fundamental role in implantsuccess and illustrates different expression of growth factors by different cells that involved in the formation of periimplanttissue.The aim of this study was to localize expression of TGF B by newly formed bone tissue around surface-conditionedimplants with placental collagen at different time intervals: 3 ,7,14,28, and 56 days .Materials and Methods: Commercially pure Titanium (CPTi) implants coated with collagen protein were placed in thetibia of 20 new Zealand rabbits . Immunohistochemical study for localization of TGF B in peri –implant tissue for intervalperiods 3 ,7,14,28, and 56 days was performed under light microscope..Results: Positive expression of Transforming growth factor B can be detected in osteoblast, osteocyte, newlydeposited matrix includes collagenous tissue and non mineralized osteoid tissue. Endothelial cells line blood vesselshowed positivity too. Minerlized bone trabeculae and mature bone illustrate negative expression.Conclusion: The present study suggests that placental collagen, coated Ti implant illustrates positive expression oftransforming growth factor B by osteoblast and endothelial cell that enhanced bone formation