Production Flow in Gas Cooker Assembly Line


Increasing the flow of parts under manufacturing in production and assembly lines one of the most important goals that administration is seeking to achieve them. Problems of balancing the production and assembly line created to uneven distribution of workloads on workstations along the production and assembly line, Which is usually measured in number of units produced in the unit of time (hours / day), and can be irregular flow of production and raised the achievement of balanced production line. research aims to study the problem of balancing single production lines and the most important methods adopted to solve it and try to apply that in the production line was chosen as the assembly line cookers in light Industrial Company and calculate the material flow or parts in the production line, where the parts moving between work stations by conveyor system , Software) Quantitative Methods ,Production and Operations Management POM-QM) has been used to solve the problem of balancing single production lines to calculate the actual number of workstations are (9) workstations and production flow (35) units / day, the efficiency of the line (% 78.24) By choosing the shortest task time method to increase the production flow to (37) units / day to increase efficiency (81.64%).