Electron Transport In DBA System Of Multiple Bridges


In this work, we investigate theoretically the effect of introducing many bridges in the donor-bridges-acceptor DBA system on the electron transport through the system. For this we using one the electron model, for which the Hamiltonian of the system consists of a single-level for both Donor and Accepter (i.e. Quantum dots) both coupled to a band bridge (wide band i.e. Quantum well band). The time dependent Schrödinger equation give us the system equations of motion which able us to put a formula for the occupation probabilities for donor and acceptor levels. We found that for one bridge the donor and acceptor levels are broadened and the coupling between the donor and acceptor states includes an imaginary part defined the interference effects as a result of the interactions of both donor and acceptor states with the bridge states. However, increasing the number of bridges more than one arise more additional important effects due to the interactions with the bridges, these are the quantum shifts in the donor and acceptor level as well as decay factor in the coupling strength between donor and acceptor states.Consequently, due to above findings, the amount of charge transport from donor to the acceptor will be less by increasing the number of bridges.