The Role of Customer Relationship Management in Enhancing Customer’s loyalty: An Exploratory Study of Worker Sample in Number of domestic Banks in the City of Mosul


The current research aims to explain the role of customer relationship management in enhancing the customer's loyalty and because of the importance of the two dimensions. It should be adopted by organizations ,especially those who providing services in order to achieve customer's satisfaction .So ,the research adopted the subject of customer relationship in the field study considering an explained variable represented by (process, technical ,people) ,and customer's loyalty as a responsive variable. The researchers were assume a hypothetical plan for the research that reflects the nature of relation and effect between the customer relationship management and its loyalty .The researchers put some of main hypothesis which tested by using (SPSS.11) software for the data collection from the questionnaire that gained from some of private banks employee and mangers .The research found some conclusions ,the most important one is : There is a significant correlation and effect between costumer's relationship marketing and customer's loyalty